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Power of the client

Aware Reports is a high performance reporting engine that generates high-end Excel, PDF, Postscript, and HTML reports. Designed to handle seamlessly large enterprise reporting volumes in batch and on-demand reporting applications. Available on Unix, Mac, and Windows platforms.

Aware Reports is a template-based reporting engine. Templates are easy to learn, quick to create, the clean way to decouple content from presentation. The best part is that you can create templates in Excel application, and use them to generate native Excel, high-quality PDF, printer-friendly Postscript, and HTML reports.

High-end customizable graphic output across multiple languages and character sets increases the acceptance, value, and impact of a reporting engine.

Uncompromising high performance is the main reason for Aware Software’s on-going success. Aware Software clients generate millions of reports daily. We cater to this by delivering an average of 100 pages per CPU per second.